OFRA Cosmetics NEW “Beverly Hills” Baked Highlighter

OFRA Cosmetics Beverly Hills Baked Highlight is a gorgeous 5-color highlight that is SUPER pigmented, and gives a gorgeous shine to the cheeks! // www.CandidlyKelseyBlog.com
I’ve been on the highlighter struggle bus for some time now. I just can’t seem to find one that is affordable, and also shows up on my skin. I want that semi-blinding, you-can-see-my-cheeks-from-space kind of glow.  Though I do love the Mary Lou-Manizer from theBalm, it’s not my perfect match, and I’ve been on the hunt for better.

Those who know me know I swear by OFRA Cosmetics liquid lipsticks.  I posted about my favorite “Havana Nights” but have since acquired a few more colors.  So when OFRA announced their new baked highlighter with FIVE different shades… y’all.. I JUMPED on that (using MannyMUA’s discount code of “MANNYMUA for 30% off).

I finally got the gorgeous little beauty today and I am NOT disappointed.

OFRA Cosmetics Beverly Hills Baked Highlight is a gorgeous 5-color highlight that is SUPER pigmented, and gives a gorgeous shine to the cheeks! // www.CandidlyKelseyBlog.comOFRA Cosmetics Beverly Hills Baked Highlight is a gorgeous 5-color highlight that is SUPER pigmented, and gives a gorgeous shine to the cheeks! // www.CandidlyKelseyBlog.com

The OFRA Cosmetics Beverly Hills Baked Highlighter is gorgeous in itself, but OFRA has stepped up the game overall.  The first thing I noticed was the packaging is gorgeous. Since my first OFRA order–which had just a sicker on the lipstick tube and was very underwhelming– they have stepped up their game. The box it came shipped in is adorable, and when I opened it was presented so nicely inside the box that I felt like I was truly having a lavish experience.

For the product itself, I will admit that some colors are more creamy/pigmented than others. The peachy/rose pink, and true pink with gold flecks don’t have near the creaminess of the champagne, white and gold.  The gold is the buttery-est of them all, as I’m sure you can tell in the swatch.

I have applied a mix of the white and peachy-pink color to my cheeks and am very excited to use this for a full face of make-up.  I will update this post with a picture of said full face when I do so you can get the true effect. It has the perfect shine/reflect, without looking like a stripe of glitter on my cheek.  I can’t wait to have an excuse for a full-face so I can wear this bad boy out!

Overall, for the price tag and the fact that you get FIVE colors in this one, 6g compact, I’m a happy camper. Even with two less-than-perfect products, I have zero regrets about buying this product.

If you have been on the fence about getting it, looking for a new highlighter, or haven’t tried OFRA Cosmetics yet, I would give this my stamp of approval. Blind your enemies with your beautiful cheeks! Go forth and get you an OFRA Cosmetics Beverly Hills Baked Highlighter!

Got any other favorite highlighters I should know about? Let me know!



10 Ways To Fight Blogger’s Block

Don't get discouraged when you have no original thoughts. Here are 10 super simple ways to right the dreaded blogger's block. // www.CandidlyKelseyBlog.com

I’ve had blogger’s block for months, and fighting it is starting to get reallllll tiring.

The mind is a mysterious thing. Creativity is a muscle*, and it can tire just like a regular muscle.  Use it to much, it gets sore and won’t give you the results you want.  Use it too little, it will atrophy and it still won’t give you the results you want.  If you ask me, creativity is a finicky little motherf*cker.

My blog has been almost silent for months.  Words just weren’t coming to me, and it stressed me out to try to produce content that I was proud of.  Eventually I just stopped, because it was making me anxious to try to worry about it.

But then today (after a conversation with my therapist, of all things) I decided to just lean into the blogger’s block. Why not write about that? How many other bloggers get blogger’s block? It’s a universal thing. Everyone can relate, so everyone will get this post. How can that possibly go wrong?

Bingo. So here is a post you definitely didn’t ask for.

10 Fool-Proof Tips To Fight Blogger’s Block

  1. Throw your computer out the window. It may not help you write a post, but at least it will give you an excuse as to why you don’t have a post.  The dog ate your homework. Whatever.
  2. Write about what you ate for breakfast. Who doesn’t want to read a 500 word essay about your Cheerios? I know I’d be riveted.
  3. Interview your cat. I’m sure he/she has great ideas. When the cat is no help, interview the dog.
  4. Spin around in a circle with your laptop clutched to your chest until the words just come to you. It especially helps if you have Bloglovin’ open on the screen while you do it.
  5. Copy and paste another blogger’s post. Copy their pictures too. Just remove the watermark, it’ll be fine.
  6. Look up those super helpful blog posts about needing blog post ideas. Because reading about writing about your worst nightmare, or everyday make-up routine for the 40th time is definitely bound to spark some creativity. It’s like flicking a switch.
  7. Cry.
  8. Organize your house. Quit halfway though, then think of a great idea to blog about as a procrastination tool while you avoid the mess you’ve made while organizing your house.  You can’t find your cat, or your child (if you have one) but who cares because now you have MOTIVATION.
  9. Listen to Lemonade. Feel her words move you. Becky with the good hair is bound to spark some ideas.
  10. Have a glass of wine. Or six. Totally forget about how you can’t think of a story, and just enjoy your night.

Or, you can just take a break, realize that it’s not that big of a deal, and just write what seems to come out of your hands. And I’m only sort of kidding on #10. Sometimes the glass of wine really does help.  Just be careful not to take it to an extreme, or you’ll end up completing #1.

Do you have blogger’s block? How have you combated it? Share your tips — real or silly– in the comments!


*Alright, scientist. No it’s not a real muscle, it’s a metaphor. Get off my back. Gosh.


MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette Review & Swatches

MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette Review & Swatches // www.candidlykelseyblog.com

If you haven’t heard of MannyMUA on Youtube yet, then you need to escape the rock that you live under.  He’s the cutest make-up man I’ve ever seen, and he has awesome taste.  Which is why I knew that I would have to have the palette he created with Makeup Geek– even before I saw the shades.

Thankfully, I was not disappointed. The MannyMUA x Makeup Geek collaboration is a  9-shadow palette is my first purchase of Makeup Geek shadows, which worked out in my favor.  The palette is a mix of existing shadow shades, and a few that Manny created himself.

From the bottom up, the shades are: Luna, Beaches & Cream, Artemis, Frappe, Sora, Cosmopolitan, Aphrodite, Mars and Insomnia.


MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette Review & Swatches // www.candidlykelseyblog.com

Frappe, Beaches and Cream, and Cosmopolitan are all permanent shades at Makeup Geek, and Insomnia is a loose shadow pigment that is pressed for this palette only.  Luna, Artemis, Sora, Arphrodite and Mars are all shadows that Manny designed.

My favorites are Beaches & Cream, Luna, Artemis, and Aphrodite.  Aphrodite is a gorgeous brown-purple that I love using to darken up a neutral eye and give a look more depth.  And I’m sure I’ll run through Beaches & Cream first, and have to buy it in a single very soon. It’s the perfect peachy transition shade for someone of my skin tone.  It pairs so nicely with Sora if you want a warm look. Artemis is my current favorite highlighting shade, while I find myself reaching for Luna for an all-over lid color if I want a more glam look.

Basically, I’m obsessed. Not only am I super impressed with the quality of Makeup Geek shadows, but I am in love with how many different looks I can get out of this palette. Neutral, natural, fun, glam, vampy, you name it.  I reach for this palette at least every other day, if not everyday. Definitely an amazing purchase for the money.

Also, points to Manny for the packaging.  I have strong Gatsby-esque vibes whenever I look at it, which makes me incredibly happy, and am in love with the giant mirror on the inside. Bravo, Manny.

MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette Review & Swatches // www.candidlykelseyblog.com

You can pre-order the palette here, as it supposedly comes back into stock in about a month or so. If you’re new to Makeup Geek, I highly recommend this gorgeous palette as your intro to the brand. The shadows are creamy, incredibly versatile, and well worth the $45 dollar price tag for 12 quality shadows.

Do you have the MannyMUA x Makeup Geek palette, or already an existing Makeup Geek fan? What MUG products should I try next? Let me know!


24 Thoughts on Turning 24


Happy Birthday, Me! Today I turn 24 years old.  Time to party! Or, only 1 more year until my quarter life crisis! Much like last year’s 23 Things on Turning 23, I decided to share the wisdom I have learned as I celebrate another anniversary of when a world without Kelsey became a world with Kelsey.  Enjoy!

  1. Cool, only one more year until I can officially declare a Quarter-Life Crisis.
  2. It’s only a matter of time now until my metabolism starts slowing down.
  3. Gross. I need to start getting my life together now, don’t I?
  4. Years are going faster and faster now that I have more time in the past to compare them. That’s terrifying.
  5. I wonder how many more years until my face stops breaking out. Any day now, right? Puberty should be ending sometime soon.
  6. Age does not mean adulthood. I may be able to make my own doctor’s appointments, but I still call my Mommy to ask laundry/cooking/life/philosophical questions at least once per day.
  7. I should probably buy stock in antacids now.
  8. This past year was huge for me, and I’m very excited to continue on with the momentum of those major changes to continue to see positive change in my life. Like getting more cats.
  9. Goat cheese is amazing, and I’m ashamed it took almost 24 years for me to figure that out.
  10. Now I want goat cheese.
  11. Life is too short and time passes too quickly to not choose to be happy. Even if you can’t feel happiness, focusing on cutting out whatever negativity you can and working towards what makes you happy is 100% worth it.
  12. Puppies make me happy. So do cats. I should get another cat.
  13. Naps also make me happy.
  14. It’s totally okay to do things by yourself, and try new things by yourself. You don’t always need to hide behind other people.
  15. Living alone is actually really great.
  16. You have to learn how credit and credit scores works. Seriously. You have to.
  17. Now is the time to start addressing things that you think may be problems, especially with mental health. If you think something is wrong, better try to fix it now than regret it later.
  18. Preventative Care.  Say it again for the kids in the back: PRE-VENT-A-TIVE CARE.
  19. Food is starting to hurt me. Why is food, something I hold so near and dear to my heart, starting to hurt me?
  20. I am not 21 anymore. I cannot drink like I am 21 anymore. I cannot live my life the day after drinking like I did when I was 21. It just doesn’t happen. Time to accept that and move on.
  21. There is nothing wrong with being a 20-something homebody. It’s fine. Embrace the sweatpants and Netflix life on Fridays and you could be much happier. Add some goat cheese and you could be REALLY happy.
  22. A couple thousand in savings seems like a lot until you need to spend it.  Always be putting money away. ALWAYS! You never know what will happen/when you will need it.
  23. Just because something is normal doesn’t mean it’s right for you. I’m referring to no longer having a car– but this can be used for pretty much anything. You do you, boo. Life is too short.
  24. A year ago on this day I was very unhappy. I had no idea that in a short 365 days I would be sitting in my Chicago apartment, working from home for my nonprofit job, and taking a break to write this blog post. You just never know, kids.

Cheers, friends!


Life Lately: Blame It On the A-A-A-A-Anxiety

I’ve been off my blog game lately.  Have you noticed?

Blame it on the A-A-A-A-Anxiety // www.CandidlyKelseyBlog.com

Aside from February Guest Post Month, I’ve been super lax on posting. Speaking of February Guest Post Month— Didja like it? Did you meet some new bloggers you really like? What about Jani and the One-Pot Lemon Chicken Pasta Recipe? Elle with the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini? Kristen with her book recommendations? Or Leslie with her bomb interior design trends? I don’t know about you, but I was super impressed with each post, and am glad I got to share their awesome blogs with all of you!

Thank goodness for February Guest Blog Month or you would have seen cartoon tumbleweeds rolling across CandidlyKelseyBlog.com. Cartoon cowboys would be drinking in deserted bars, wondering where all the sarcastic cat jokes were.

In short, February was full of some major anxiety for me.  No idea why– just that great biological wonder that is the brain chemistry of over 40 million people that make us all want to curl up in a ball and die. It felt like it had been awhile since it was that bad, but that’s the nature of the beast.  When it’s bad it’s bad, and when I’m fine, it’s like I can’t even think about how bad it feels when it’s bad. Drink everytime I write the word “bad”.

I started to write a post about it several times, but each time came out whiner than the draft before, and throwing myself a pity party was not what I was trying to do.  Sometimes I find it way easier to talk to a screen than to talk to a real human when I’m feeling bad, but writing mid “low-point” or mid-anxiety attack did not make for a productive post.

There are only so many ways to write “AHHHHHGHGHGHAskjsldjfaklsjdflkajsdflajsdf” before the post becomes unreadable, ya know?

Hence why there was radio silence. I like being happy, and nothing I was feeling during February was too happy, so I followed the age old advice of if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Thankfully, I have been feeling way better as of the last week or so.  I did some rather irresponsible emotional shopping during February, so I have a few new beauty posts planned (including the MannyMUA palette!), and some new recipes I want to share. Are you excited? I am!

P.S. Candidly Kelsey Weekly FUNmail will start back up NEXT week. Are you subscribed? 

Time to talk back to me. I miss you all. Anyone else anxiety sufferers? Do you have bad months? How do you deal? I’m totally down to try some new coping techniques.