UnCork the Artist: Wine and Painting

Tonight I paid a lot of money to clumsily recreate a very stressful painting while drinking a glass of too-warm white wine that we brought to the studio ourselves.

Thankfully, however, this was after I spent a lot of money to fix the whole “I don’t have a license” thing, and the “paying for the last semester of college” thing, and then spent the afternoon of watching corporate restaurant training videos.  So obviously I was feeling at my creative best and totally ready to tackle a Van Gogh.

Even though we booked like two weeks ago, our group was split when we arrived– but whatever, I’m obviously not bitter or anything.  Somehow, my Mother and a family friend ended up at the very front of the room, the rest of our group ended up at the “emergency overflow table” by the door.  AKA, we couldn’t see the instructor, and had to rely on our own artistic intuition (LOL) and a fair amount of guessing to mimic the real picture.

So it began with a little bit of this:

UnCork the Artist | Candidly Kelsey

(Mosaic-glass (or weird blue bricks?)-like tentacles on an uneven light blue background, with special appearance by an egg yolk?)

Then progressed to a little bit of this,

UnCork the Artist | Candidly Kelsey

(At this point, I named it “Two Sea-Horsies with a Lemon”)

And then progressed even more to some of this,

UnCork the Artist | Candidly Kelsey

(Sea horsies are coming along, but are now in a mess of blue and black jellybeans?)

And then we on “Team Threshold/Team Doorway/Team Parking Lot/Team Can’t See What the F*ck Is Going On” chose to ignore the instruction of the artist who led us, and eventually it ended up like this:

 UnCork the Artist | Candidly Kelsey

(If you hold it farther away, it looks better.  It’s abstract.  Perspective.  Squinting. Whatever.)

And if you look super closely on mine (to the bottom right, next to one of the houses/purple blobs), you can see the tiny man with his tiny fire torch in his tiny hand coming to burn down the giant Spongebob’s-Pinapple-House-esque bush.

UnCork the Artist | Candidly Kelsey

Overall, not totally thrilled with this experience.  The wine and canvas equivalent in Bloomington that I went to in March was way better in terms of instruction and studio atmosphere, and I think it really affected the actual outcome of the picture.

Because clearly I am an impeccable artist and it would have been perfect otherwise. Obviously.

xo, kelsey (2)