Hi! My name is Kelsey and I am the gal behind Candidly Kelsey! Welcome to my blog about life, DIY, beauty, health, fitness, and my cat.

Hiya! I’m Kelsey!

I’m a 20-something Netflix enthusiast who enjoys naps and drinking coffee. I live in Chicago, IL with my cat-child, Gracie. We share a tiny apartment where I pay the rent, but she takes up all the space. I also love make-up and all things beauty-related, brunch, and crafting.

During the hours of 9am-5pm, I utilize my Public Health degree as the Marketing and Development Coordinator for an awesome social service organization that serves families in need. When I’m not working in an office I’m working on my passion projects.

About Candidly Kelsey Etsy Shop and Blog:

Candidly Kelsey has gone through an evolution since it’s creation in 2014, but has landed here as my little happy place on the internet in the form of a blog and Etsy shop. What started as an escape while I worked a summer internship after college has evolved into my shop and this blog. Do you like make-up? Do you like self-deprecating comedy, or poorly written sarcasm? What about food? Or cross stitching? Then welcome to Candidly Kelsey, a lifestyle blog featuring whatever I want. Buckle up, because there’s a good chance it’s gonna get weird.

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