Allow Me to Introduce Myself (Again)

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I’ve got some new friends poking around my blog and social media, so I thought I’d do a little “About me” post so we can all get to know one another.

Sound good? Great. Not that you have any choice in the matter. Unless you click “close” on the browser.  Please don’t do that though.

1.  My name is Kelsey.  I’m 23.  I live in a sublet in Chicago and am basically a professional volunteer.  I’m in the AmeriCorps program and am currently working for an amazing organization called Cradles to Crayons as they launch their newest location in Chicago.
2.  I have a major sweet tooth and a major savory tooth. Mostly I just like food. Cheese. Coffee. Chocolate. Cheeseburgers. Cheese pizza. Anything that starts with “C”, I can really get behind.
3. I used to hate make-up. I think I owned maybe 1 eyeshadow and 1 mascara all of high school.  And then I just got so bored last year that I decided I needed a Naked palette.  And then I needed another one.  And then a MAC eyeshadow.  And now suddenly I am doing things like make-up brush hauls, primer reviews, and asking for $80 blushes for Christmas.
4. I’m an Alpha Delta Pi. We were the first sorority. I know everyone says that, but really we were actually first.
5. I am a know-it-all. I’m sorry in advance for this. I think it comes from being a homebody, addicted to wanting to know everything, and constantly observing. I think I have the answer to everything.  It’s annoying but I can’t stop.
6.  I love anything related to DIY and crafting.  I developed a reputation in college for being a great crafter and now like to apply that to cooking, and my blog (because craft supplies takes up a lot of room that I do not have in my tiny apartment).
7. I think I’m hilarious.  You probably don’t, but I don’t really care. I’m still really funny. You can witness the funny on Snapchat: iamkelskels
8. I have had really bad acne the past few years, which basically killed my self-confidence, so I made it my 2015 mission to get rid of it.  Finally I’ve started having a breakthrough.  If you’re also plagued with acne, try adding more oils into your skincare routine.  Trust me.
9. As much as I am obsessed with make-up and beauty, I am awful at fashion.  If it’s not a combination of leggings, boots, and a t-shirt with a scarf, I really have no idea how to style it.  I will wear my clothes until they are  entirely unwearable because I hate clothes shopping that much.  I also blame my breasts for 90% of this issue.
10.  I’ve never done one of these posts before because they feel so self-obsessed to me— which is kind of hilarious, seeing as how this blog is dedicated to my life, but whatever.  But, if you like what you read, or like my blog, we can be best friends and swap ads (fo free!) or you can advertise with me. Much like following me on Snapchat, you won’t regret it.
I feel like we’ve gotten to know another a little better now, don’t you?  Leave some of your fun facts in the comments so I can get to know you better too! And do you enjoy getting a better peak into the gal behind the keyboard? Let me know and I will do more of these!