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Who knew starting two new part-time jobs and beginning a Grey’s Anatomy Netflix binge could take up so much time?

I have graduated from trainee to full blown server.  You can catch me Wednesdays-Sunday, serving the great people of Northwest, Ohio some slightly over-priced chain restaurant food.

I have also begun to work the front desk at a gym on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Between scanning people into the gym and making phone calls to get people who have refused to pay their bills to cough up their billing info (and being repeatedly yelled at in the process), maybe I’ll eventually get into the gym for a workout.

In the meantime, I have been re-watching seasons 6-10 studying for my ACSM personal training certification.  I’m slowly making my way through the anatomy and Kinesology chapters.  It’s a lot of review, but I am more worried about committing it to memory so I can actually use it as opposed to just learning it short-term for the test.  Which, truthfully, makes me feel super adult and painfully aware that I am not in college anymore.

Though you can take me outta college, you can’t take my college habits outta me.  In order to procrastinate studying the wondrous world of joints and how they work, I have been trying to make my room here more comfortable. I have been in the mindset of just “staying” with Mom for the time being, as opposed to actually moving back in with her.  Living in her “guest room”, using her sheets and blankets, and not moving any of my furniture into her room.

Well, yesterday, I caved.  Moved my book case into my room, put all my books on it, and even hung up a scarf/necklace hook apparatus.

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How f’ing Pinterest am I?

It’s official.  I now live with my mother.  BRB, gotta go do my chores. (I wish I were kidding.)