Countdown to Christmas: 2 Host/Hostess Gifts Better Than A Bottle of Wine


Christmas is looking to be a pretty low-key affair this year with my family.  I’m thinking I may even wear my giant, stained and from-the-men’s-section “Buddy The Elf” shirt to dinner.

However, I know a lot of people will be going to parties, or friends’ houses.  As it is customary to bring a gift, I thought of some ideas better than the usual bottle of wine that most people bring.
Don’t get me wrong, I love wine, but you can really make an impression on the host by getting them something different than every other guest is giving them.  Visiting a boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents? Make a splash by getting them something way better than anything else they’ll get.  Suddenly you’re the favorite! Take that, Cousin Judy.
I’ve included some links, but most of these can also be picked up at your local stores.  I suggest checking out TJ Maxx, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Nordstrom Rack, a card store, or little kitschy shop.  Even stores like Walmart or Kmart have great little gifts at this time of year.

Gift Ideas for the Host:

  • Coasters
  • Beer glasses
  • Scotch Glasses
  • Ice ball maker for scotch glasses
  • Basically any kind of fancy alcohol glasses
  • A bar kit
  • Sports-themed Holiday gear, like a NFL team Santa hat
  • Holiday cufflinks, if your host is a gentleman with swag
  • Ice bucket
  • Nice set of cards, dice, or poker set.  Bonus points if you already know how to play the game and can suggest it after dinner
  • Flowers with the vase that they can reuse

Gift Ideas for the Hostess:

Got any more ideas? Leave them in the comments! Happy Holidays, and here’s hoping you impress your future in-laws this season!