Got that Midas Touch

This weekend I went HAM with a can of gold spray paint, and a gold metallic Sharpie.  Nothing plain or out of date was off limits–including my nails, which will now probably be gold-painted for the next few weeks.  Not that I’m complaining.

Though I am in money-saving mode, I was also feeling a DIY itch I couldn’t quite shake, so when I popped out to pick up tooth paste, I picked up a bottle of gold spray paint (as one does).  I did a quick walk-through of my room and bathroom, and ended up with a small pile of unsuspecting goodies.

Gold Accessories, DIY, Cheap Home Updates

Step 1: Clean your crap (with soap).
(Secret Step 1.5— Properly prepare the surfaces you are painting.  Plastic, metal, etc. etc.  Some may need sanding or priming to promote longevity so that they won’t chip.   Google your object to double check!)
Step 2: Protect the parts you don’t want to be painted.  I used plastic grocery bags and masking tape to cover the important parts.
Step 3: Throw a paint party.
Step 4: Wait (24 hours– or 12, if you’re super impatient like me).
Step 5: Seal your masterpieces, with either spray enamel or Mod Podge.  Do not skip this step unless you want your hard work to chip off.

Originally, I had an old glass salsa jar, a plastic container leftover from college that was holding pens, gross, out-dated dresser knobs on an old dresser, and an old, stained mirror.

Instead, I now have cute new make-up storage drawers, a matching make-up brush holder, a glitzy stand mirror, and an slightly updated dresser.

Home Decor Updates with Spray Paint, Spray Painted Crafts

DIY Mini Home Make-over, Cheap DIY

And all for under $5. Suck it, Pottery Barn.