How to Trick Yourself Into Being a Morning Person

How to become a morning person /

I have mixed feelings about mornings. The physical act of waking up is damaging to my soul, but mornings generally = coffee so you can see my problem here. What I do not have mixed feelings about is being a morning person. I go back and forth on loving/hating mornings, but have landed on forcing myself into being a morning person makes the whole thing a lot easier.

But Kelsey, how in the world do I possibly become a morning person? Oh my gosh, thanks for asking. I happen to have quite a few tips and tricks for area. After several years of working the opening shift at gyms (hello, 4:30am alarm clocks!) I feel as if I have mastered the morning routine. And lucky for you, I am going to share them today:

  1. Give yourself something to look forward to. Other than the fear of being fired, the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is the promise of my coffee. I prep everything the evening before so the first thing I do when my alarm goes off is head towards my coffee. I take a drink before I even go to the bathroom.
  2. Remove all roadblocks. I prep everything the night before: outfit, lunch and breakfast in my lunchbox,  and having my purse and keys ready to go. Doing this in the evening massively cuts down on how much you need to think in the morning– and gives you more time!
  3. Make your commute fun. I use my 45 minute bus ride to listen to podcasts, read, and look at fun things on Pinterest all while drinking my long awaited iced coffee (this post is not sponsored by coffee, I swear). The commute sucks but is also a good way to relax before you get work.
  4. Keep your home tidy. This is a bigger one, but oh so important. Imagine waking up to a messy kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and trying to wade through it all when your brain is most vulnerable. Take 10 minutes before you go to bed to tidy up and save your morning mood. And I don’t mean mop your floors and dust the bookshelves, I just mean putting your clothes in the hamper, clearing off your sinks and counter tops, and having the room look generally put together.
  5. Look cute. This one might be controversial but I swear it helps. There is a reason why people who work from home also say that getting dressed and ready for the day makes a big difference. Build a few moments into your morning to style your hair, put on some make-up, and make yourself feel put together. If you still feel like you’ve rolled out of bed then chances are you will feel like you still are in bed. So put on some mascara and feel the difference this makes.

If all else fails, you can try bonus #6: Dunk your head in ice water! It probably works just as well as thinking ahead and planning for your days. You might not have such a smooth day afterwards but it’ll wake you up, that’s for sure.

Do you have any morning tips? Are you already a morning person and I sound like I’m speaking Spanish? Let me know, and share those tips in the comments.