Testing, 1-2-3?

(Oops, I moved from WIX.com to Blogspot (and as of 1/10/16, now on WordPress!). I needed that RSS feed availability, sorry ’boutcha.)

As this is the inaugural post on my new procrastination toy… I mean, totally serious blog project of mine… I feel like there should be some pomp and circumstance or I should have a really moving opening statement of purpose.  As usual, however, when I want to produce something of worth, my mind is completely blank.  Typical.

An Introduction to Candidly Kelsey

I am starting this blog because post-graduate life is boring.  Especially when you chose to go to an out-of-state school, and then are forced to say goodbye to all of your best friends to move back home (see: rent-free, and rubbing Mom’s feet for $25 dollars at a time because you are currently working as an unpaid intern, and still need to find a way to pay your phone bill and feed your Chipotle addiction).

To sum up: my life is sad, I am unemployed, and I have a lot of thoughts and ideas with nobody to share them with.  So I did the blog thing.

(Is this post interesting? Boring? Is anyone still reading? Is my grammar horrible? Was this just another miscalculated idea that I will eventually abandon, much like starting Insanity or that juice cleanse?)

There will probably be a smattering of different posts, including a lot of my 2am thoughts, some health and fitness ideas, tips and tricks, and some bragging pictures of any cool things I may happen to do (LOL).  Or this may be the first and only post, and I never share this link with anyone, and this will forever disappear into cyberspace.  Which is also a very possible outcome.

So hello. Welcome to my blog. I hope I do not disappoint… and if I do, I really don’t care.