Life Lately: Blame It On the A-A-A-A-Anxiety

I’ve been off my blog game lately.  Have you noticed?

Blame it on the A-A-A-A-Anxiety //

Aside from February Guest Post Month, I’ve been super lax on posting. Speaking of February Guest Post Month— Didja like it? Did you meet some new bloggers you really like? What about Jani and the One-Pot Lemon Chicken Pasta Recipe? Elle with the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini? Kristen with her book recommendations? Or Leslie with her bomb interior design trends? I don’t know about you, but I was super impressed with each post, and am glad I got to share their awesome blogs with all of you!

Thank goodness for February Guest Blog Month or you would have seen cartoon tumbleweeds rolling across Cartoon cowboys would be drinking in deserted bars, wondering where all the sarcastic cat jokes were.

In short, February was full of some major anxiety for me.  No idea why– just that great biological wonder that is the brain chemistry of over 40 million people that make us all want to curl up in a ball and die. It felt like it had been awhile since it was that bad, but that’s the nature of the beast.  When it’s bad it’s bad, and when I’m fine, it’s like I can’t even think about how bad it feels when it’s bad. Drink everytime I write the word “bad”.

I started to write a post about it several times, but each time came out whiner than the draft before, and throwing myself a pity party was not what I was trying to do.  Sometimes I find it way easier to talk to a screen than to talk to a real human when I’m feeling bad, but writing mid “low-point” or mid-anxiety attack did not make for a productive post.

There are only so many ways to write “AHHHHHGHGHGHAskjsldjfaklsjdflkajsdflajsdf” before the post becomes unreadable, ya know?

Hence why there was radio silence. I like being happy, and nothing I was feeling during February was too happy, so I followed the age old advice of if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Thankfully, I have been feeling way better as of the last week or so.  I did some rather irresponsible emotional shopping during February, so I have a few new beauty posts planned (including the MannyMUA palette!), and some new recipes I want to share. Are you excited? I am!

P.S. Candidly Kelsey Weekly FUNmail will start back up soon. Have you subscribed?

Time to talk back to me. I miss you all. Anyone else anxiety sufferers? Do you have bad months? How do you deal? I’m totally down to try some new coping techniques.

xo, kelsey (2)