Make-Up Tutorials Are F#*@ing Hard: Soft Pink/Gold Eyes

I planned ahead for this one, I swear.

I created a pinky-gold shimmer eye make up look yesterday that I really adored, so I thought I’d blog it.  Who knew meticuliously recreating the look, including cleaning up all the little whoopsies I normally have so they didn’t show up in the picture would be the easy part?
Seriously, WHAT is the secret for photographing make-up looks?  Maybe it’s having a camera better than an iPhone 5s, or having lighting other than the fading Midwest sunlight or the orange glow of your bedroom light?  
I tried different angles.  I tried dimming my lights. I tried moving around my room– including sitting on the floor and creating a mismatched tripod (i.e.– balancing my arms on a few boxes so my phone in my hands wouldn’t shake).  NOTHING WORKED.
Damn, beauty gurus.  Good for you guys.  This sh*ts hard.
So here it is anyway:

 The colors in the palette and in the first picture translate far better than they do on any picture I could get of just my face.  I promise it really looks pinky-gold in real life.

Base:  Maybelline Color Tattoo in “Inked in Pink” all over the lid.
Outer half of the lid:  Naked “Sidecar”
Inner half of lid, and under lower lash line:  Naked “Sin”
Crease:  Naked “Hustle”
Just below brow bone for highlight:  Naked “Virgin” blended down into the crease

Finish off with a light flick of Kat Von D Tattoo Eyelinder in “Trooper” and your mascara of the moment.  I used Cover Girl “lash blast fusion” but any will do.

And that’s it.

If you have any photography tips for me, please let me know.  This sh*t is frustrating.


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