The NEW Candidly Kelsey

Candidly Kelsey | Stichin' and bitchin' about lipstick and life

Annnnnd we’re back! Did you miss me?!

Things look quite a bit different here on Candidly Kelsey after months of total silence, but hopefully you think it was worth it. We’ve undergone a complete remodel on the blog but for a VERY good reason:

I’ve opened an Etsy shop

Candidly Kelsey Etsy Shop | Fun and Feminist Cross Stitch Shop

Can you believe it? I finally bit the bullet on my life long dream to open a creative business. After falling in love with cross stitch and creating my own cross stitch patterns last year I decided to just go for it and create my own Etsy shop. I quit my part-time catering job in September and opened my shop and new Instagram account (follow me!) in October. I am now Candidly Kelsey on Etsy with cross stitch patterns, finished pieces, customized pieces, and do-it-yourself kits for sale. Eeeek! 

However, as much as I love running a shop I missed blogging so much. It took some time to figure out how to merge the two together, but thanks to some help with branding from my incredibly talented friend Kayla  and some deep thought, I’m back and ready to take on 2018 with new goals.

So what will Candidly Kelsey Blog look like now? Pretty much the same but with new updates. There is an added shop in the menu bar that links directly to my Etsy shop and some new content that will be cross stitch specific. Adding my shop to my beauty/lifestyle blog might seem weird I’ve never wanted a “niche” for my blog anyway. I write what I want to write about, which will still include beauty, lifestyle, health, and pop culture commentary.

AKA: Stitchin’ and bitchin’ about lipstick and life. The bitching has always been there, especially about make up and other nonsense so we just added the stitching.

I’ll be posting once a week and if you desperately miss me between posts you can always find me on social media: Twitter, lifestyle Instagram, cross stitch Instagram, and Facebook page. In fact, I encourage it. I tend to make my best jokes there, TBH.

Since it’s been awhile let’s introduce ourselves, shall we? I’m Kelsey, a 25 year old gal living in Chicago. I have a cat and an unhealthy obsession with caffeine. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite nail polishes are reds and creams, particularly the KL Polish brand. How about you? In the comments below tell me about yourself and share your blog URL. Let’s be friends (again)!

xo, kelsey (2)