Motivational Sunday

In what started out as the beginning of a lazy two days off at the lake has now ended abruptly as I found out I am scheduled to work tomorrow early afternoon.


In the spirit of trying to ignore the anxiety of getting back home and ready to go tomorrow, I would like to provide a little motivation for anyone who needs it at the end of this holiday weekend:

Motivational Sunday | Candidly Kelsey

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I Bought a Car: Introducing Beyoncé Weasley

I Bought A Car: Introducing Beyoncé Weasley

After yesterday’s marathon of car window-shopping, I all last night contemplating.  I made pro/con lists.  I looked at websites.  Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, Google, and Consumer Reviews.

I asked friends for recommendations.  And they were super helpful.

I Bought A Car: Introducing Beyoncé Weasley

Really, just SUPER helpful.

I also tweeted, asking for advice.  Got a few serious responses from friends with much more car knowledge than I have, but also had an awkwardly chipper response from the Ford Service twitter account this afternoon.  He referenced macaroni and cheese.  It was weird.

In the end, it came down to a feeling.  I just had a Thing for the Jeep.

(Not to mention the six recalls for the Ford Escape 2014, as well as other consumer reviews about having problems, plus the problems I’ve had personally with my own 2005 Ford Escape.  But let’s just focus on the Thing for the Jeep.)

As soon as I was sure about the Jeep, Dad and I found our way over to a dealership he has used for other cars in the past, and bing-bang-boom.

Except not really.

Buying a car turned out to be a 5-hour ordeal.  There was a test-drive.  Then there was the realization that that model didn’t have a back-up camera in it, so then there was another test-drive of a slightly upgraded model.  Then there were a lot of intrusive questions about the history of Kitty, my old 2005 Ford that we traded in.

Pro Tip from Papa Miklos: They’ll find out the problems with a used car pretty quick, thanks to the Car Fax report, and just using their eyes to see the issues.  Namely, the broken brakes, air conditioner, the piece of the front bumper that was lying the backseat of the car, the rusted door-dings from years of parking it on the street and the years of bug guts caked on to the front grille.  Best answer vaguely and not give them any reason to reduce the trade-in price.

Then came the credit application, which mostly just felt judgmental.  Basically my entire short spending history was coming down to this moment: Would I be paying more in interest for this loan than the actual loan itself, or has the past few years set me up for success?

Following the application came The Wait.  Shoutout to the watered down car dealership coffee for making that go faster.

Thankfully, I got some good news.  Turns out that despite my very short history of actually having any sort of credit, I am apparently a responsible spender.  That is, if you don’t count how much I spend on Chinese food, and McDonald’s Chocolate Shakes.

Following the happy news immediately came all of the paperwork.  The loan contract, the purchasing contract, the contract signing over ownership of my Ford to them, and so on.  The financing woman was super nice, but I kept half-expecting her to dupe me somehow.  She’d explain a big of legal jargon, and then tell me where to sign, but I kept expecting her to be like “LOL, BTW, you just agreed tap dance naked every time the car needs an oil change, and you already signed for it so there is nothing you can do about it, suckaaaa.”

But, as this is real life and not a bad Disney sitcom, that never happened.  So no, there was no naked tap dance clause.  Just a lot of really official looking documents, and SURPRISE: finding out that until I finish paying off my car (in 60 months, LOL), the bank will actually own my car.  Awesome.

Finally, at 3:30pm, after 5 hours of sitting at the dealership, I got the keys.

I Bought A Car: Introducing Beyoncé Weasley

Say hello to Beyoncé Weasley.  Beyoncé because she’s just too damn fierce for her own good, and Weasley because she’s a ginger (duh).  She’s perfect.  I am in love.  The end.

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Say Yes to the… Mid-Sized SUV

Today I spent 6 hours shopping for a new car.

My beloved 2005 Ford Hybrid Escape is no longer suitable for driving.  After an emergency trip to the mechanic (in which they charged me ONE-HUNDRED DOLLARS just to diagnose the beast, but whatever, I’m not bitter) on Tuesday, it has become clear that she cannot go on.  The brakes are malfunctioning, which is SUPER fun to drive, and SUPER expensive to fix.  She also has problems with the “sway bar”– which, believe it or not, is not a ballet reference– and a shotty air conditioning which has created problems with the battery.  And for a hybrid, no battery = no car.

So, much like the 50-year-old man having a mid-life crisis, the time has come to trade her in for a newer, sexier model.

(I’m sorry.  That was inappropriate. I’ll see myself out.)

Thankfully, I’ve been planning on getting a new car for a long time.  Over a year ago, my dad generously offered to help me with a down-payment on a new one as a graduation gift (AKA, a this-is-the-last-thing-I-will-help-you-do-before-I-shove-you-from-the-nest-so-time-to-learn-to-fly-b*tch gift).  But, now that my car is heading towards that wonderful Used Car Lot In The Sky, I’ve actually had to get serious about car shopping.

Which led to today.

Three car dealerships in 6 hours.  I test-drove a Jeep, a Ford, and a Honda, and have come up with a few conclusions:

1. Shopping for cars is like Say Yes To the Dress, but much more expensive and confusing.  A lot of them are great, they feel great, look great, run well.  You may be in love with a design, but there are so many different modifications and models for that design.  Only one is your perfect fit, and you can only choose one (unless you’re rich).  And though it may look great on the hanger (or car lot), when you actually try it on it could be completely different.

2. Shopping for cars is also like sorority recruitment.  You will look at many, and they will all seem like a great fit at first, but each has their own personality.  They have many different looks, different styles, different options and opportunities.  And you should probably take notes after each experience, because they will all start to look the same after awhile.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and be yourself.  It was so nice meeting you, and good luck with the rest of Recruitment shopping!

3. Nothing is more intimidating than trying to turn left onto a street with 5 lanes while you’re test-driving an expensive brand new car with the salesman in the backseat asking you about your preference for leather or cloth seats.  Nothing.

Tomorrow is Bid Day.  The final fitting.  Are you ready to Yes to the Mid-Sized SUV?

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Happy Back to… Nothing?

For the first time in 18 years, my summer will not be ending with a First Day of School.

Instead, it will be continuing as if nothing is happening.  Only the change in temperature signaling that Summer will be slowing transforming into Autumn.  I will be continuing my days, alternating shifts at the restaurant with shifts at the gym, and an occasional day off in between.  I will wake up, drink coffee, go to work, watch Netflix, take a Buzzfeed quiz study for my personal training exam, avoid showering and laundry until the last moment possible, and continue with my mundane little life. No school, no full time job, no salary, no immediate plans.

How depressing does that sound?

Aaaaaand cue the bad joke about adulthood.

Awhile ago I read something online— let’s be real, it was probably a Buzzfeed article– that said something along the lines of “It’s okay to not have your life figured out in your early twenties” and apparently, I have taken that statement to heart.

Only having the vaguest idea of what my next step was (Personal training certification –> applying for full-time workplace wellness jobs in California) didn’t bother me this summer, as it was only the summer and a lot of people were also in a holding pattern of sorts, just as I was am.  My best friends were working part time, hanging out at home, not really working towards anything immediate, but talking about this magical far off place referred to as “August”.

Well, hellooooooooooo, August.

Summer is ending, and my friends are going off to law school, med school, graduate school, full-time jobs, or other countries to pursue their life plans.  (A*sholes.)

And I’m still at Mom’s house.  Working part time.  In a holding pattern.

I don’t even have my diploma yet– shoutout to summer internships for credit forcing me to graduate in August!

Everyday I think about what I want to my life to look like in a year, or five years.  Or even in six months.  I’m constantly thinking about The Future, and trying to plan my life now for where I want to be in The Future.

Getting a new car. What kind of car? Where will I be living in The Future? What kind of car will I need when I get there?  Will I even need a car?  What should be my budget? How much of a car payment should I allow myself to have?  Shouldn’t I be saving all I can for The Future, whatever it may be?

#deep #thoughts #deepthoughts #future #postgradproblems #problems #hashtag

My only conclusion is that though this seems like a Dark and Twisty Place right now, watching everyone else move forward while I scan membership IDs for minimum wage every other day, time will continue moving.  My plans will continue moving, and I will eventually move on with my life like everyone else.  I’ve never handled major change well (throwback to the moving to college depression episode of 2010), and this is just something else that will pass.

Apologies as this was awkwardly Real.  I hate showing emotions.  I do much better with slightly forced jokes made at my own personal expense.  More of those next time, I promise.

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Introducing the newest Fur-Baby

I kinda-sorta adopted a stray kitten.

Introducing My Furbaby | Candidly Kelsey

She (maybe he?) was discovered under my aunt and uncle’s deck about a week ago.  After their Facebook campaign to find a good home for her (him!?) failed, I slowly started dropping subtle hints about wanting the cat.

Thankfully, I didn’t need to work too hard.  Cathy was there when the cat was discovered, so she already knew how sweet she (he?) is.

This afternoon, we managed to coax her out of her hidey-hole under the deck, and into a cat carrier.  She and Bailey, our dog, got along pretty well initially, so I ran right out and picked up a litter box, some litter and some kitten food.

And bing, bang, boom.

Introducing My Furbaby | Candidly Kelsey

I have a new cat.

Her name is tentatively Gracie, but if I find out she is a boy tomorrow at the vet appointment, it will probably be changed to Jax.  I wanted something more whimsical for her name.  The front-runners were Sassy, Purl, Blue and Navy.  But Cathy shot all of those down, so Gracie has been the one that stuck.

She’s cuddly, meows a lot in the cutest little kitty way (“m-ew!”) and has yet to pee on anything valuable yet, so I’m a big fan of her so far.  As Cathy has claimed Bailey’s primary affections a long time ago, I am looking forward to cuddling with the wittle kitty this evening.

Unless she decides to do something super adorable, like pee on my bed.  But here’s hoping for the cuddling instead.

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