ROOM TOUR + Urban Compass

Last week I was approached by Urban Compass, a New York City real estate platform that serves to match up prospective homeowners/renters with their perfect home.  As a group, they are all about finding both the perfect place and perfect neighborhood to fit your personality and style.  Their website not only features information on apartments in NYC, but a neighborhood tour option to take a virtual tour of the city before you visit.

At their request, today I’ve got a little room tour of my diggs at Chez Mom’s House.  In the spirit of promoting personality and taste through home decor, I thought I’d show how I’ve managed to take my mother’s guest room and turn it into my little home while I stay in Toledo.

Upon moving here, I put all my personal furniture into storage, or sold it while I was still at school.  This left me with the existing furniture and paint in Cathy’s spare room my room, with only my own accessories to try to personalize the space.

I’ve stuck with the gray/yellow/white/white-wash blue theme since moving into my first apartment in 2012.  I originally did a lot of DIY-ing to go with the duvet cover that I absolutely fell in love with (Target, duh), but most of those pieces were sold last year (or destroyed in the move.  RIP: my monogrammed canvas).  I still have my hand-painted chevron bulletin board though, which currently holds my high school graduation gift from my little cousin, her hand-drawn turtle canvas, and my bacon calendar.

The small bookshelf beneath my bulletin board is actually one of my favorite parts of my room, because it holds a lot of my favorite knick-nacks: my graduation cap, the “Wine: How Classy People Get Drunk” sign my best friend got me for Christmas last year, a few sentimental alcohol bottles (Can you tell I miss college?), some pictures, and other small things that all hold some meaning to me.

(Note: the “BACON MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER” book end holding up all of my nutrition and healthcare books.  I’m all about moderation.)

Another one of my favorite pieces that I will gladly keep borrowing from Mom while I am living here is this little antique dressing table.  Currently, it doubles as a desk/place-to-set-random-sh*t, as opposed to anything beauty-related.  I’ve added a few of my personal tastes here, like the gold pen holder (originally a candle holder, also Target), the jewelry tree, and “K” ring plate.  There is also the vase full of yarn balls, as I am a knitter– Shoutout to Mama on that idea.

And finally, the last interesting space I have in my room is my dresser, which holds the clothes I never wear, the TV that is used only for watching my Friends DVDs, and a few more sentimental things: my stoles from graduation, sorority paddles, a few pictures, some nametags from mannnnyyy years of sorority recruitment, and the giant “K” I got for Christmas in 2011, which used to be covered in a map pattern, but I had it sanded, painted and covered in rhinestones by the time Christmas dinner was served.

For having to consolidate an apartment’s worth of belongings into a small room, I’m happy with my little space.  Though I would very much love to not be so cluttered, this is the one room that truly feels mine in this borrowed home, and for that I am grateful.  I love the polished/eclectic/comfortable type of style, and I think this room kind of showcases that.

Or, at least it serves as a great in-between space until I move out of Toledo and into my own fabulous little city apartment.    But you’ll have to check my Pinterest boards to see how that will be decorated.