Something’s Changed!

Candidly Kelsey Moved to WordPress!

What’s that weird chill in the air? The sudden silence? The slight smell of WordPress? The slightly unnerving feeling that everything is completely different?

Man, you’re intuitive.

Because I’ve moved! Kind of! is now self-hosted! (Pause for roaring applause.)

I made the jump from Blogger to WordPress yesterday/last night/this morning and we have finally landed. It was many, many, many hours of blood, sweat and finger calluses from pounding on my keyboard, but I finally did it and now everything on this website is mine. Mine. Mine. Mine!

So in case you notice that things look a teensy bit different format-wise, this is why.  I am slightly unfamiliar with WordPress, so bare with me while I get my bearings and get everything back to normal functions around here.

That’s all. Just wanted to share my super-smart tech victory with everyone.  Now I’m off to go nurse my hangover with a sweet potato hashbrown dish I just ordered that I definitely can’t afford to splurge on. #SUNDAY

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xo, kelsey (2)