Spring Cleaning Organizing Hacks

I’m not sure if it’s because all I’m seeing are Spring Cleaning articles, or if it’s just that unfortunate womanly instinct that requires us to nest whenever the weather gets warm, but I have been itching to do some reorganizing.

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I already had an organizing and closet clean-out a few weeks ago, but somehow my crap seems to have multiplied again.  Since I am about as good at organizing as a dog does calculus, I’ve been browsing Pinterest (follow me!) for some new DIY or cheap organizing hacks and thought I’d share a few that I am actually planning on doing in my own life.

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Using an old small bottle, like the prescription bottle, candy tin, whatever: decorate it and use it to hold small items in your purse.  Bobby pins, hair ties, stray earrings, or other important bits you don’t want floating around.  This pin actually comes from Jen at iHeart Organizing (the pin is from A Prescription to Organize), which has a lot of super cute and useful tips!
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The idea is originally for Guest Room Beauty Samples, but I think it’s super cute for the bathroom, or bedroom to store your own items.  Store nail polishes in a glass jar, or just cute looking products that you don’t use that often.  I have a glass jar I found for $8 at Walmart that looks just like this, except I use it to hold my bath bombs instead.  It’s functional and adorable.

DIY organizing, recycling, upcycling, up-cycling, organization, home decor

This one is the “Back to School Homework Caddy”, and I actually did something similar (but not nearly as pretty) with an old Amazon box and some masking tape to create a drawer organizer for my dressing table.  It cost nothing and I could cut it down to the exact size I needed for it to fit the drawer, and make the compartments big enough for exactly what I needed.

She used duct tape for decoration, but you could use fabric, paper and mod podge, or pretty much anything to make it cute if you want it to sit out and look cute.

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And this one is something I will be definitely doing! Currently, my scarves are hanging on a decorative rack behind my door, but it’s becoming a bit crowded.  Some shower rings from the dollar store and a hanger would be perfect for the overflow.  That pin also has some other great ideas for scarf organization as well.
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And finally, take a storage container you already have, make it a little cuter!  Small containers, as well as those bigger plastic drawer containers can be easily dolled up with a little spray paint or some decorative paper or tape. This is actually my make-up storage now, and sits atop my dressing table.  It’s cute and also very convenient.
Pro Tip:  If you have any plastic drawer sets in your house, even the larger ones for office supplies or clothes, create a more refined look with minimal effort: tape paper to the inside front of the drawer so you can’t see the contents of the drawer.  Even if it’s just white paper, it gives it a much more refined look than having all of your belongings on display.  It makes it look much less disheveled for no cost.
And that’s all I got at the moment.  I’m sure the urge to clean will fade quickly, but while I have it I figured I better go hog wild.  Got any other simple organizing hacks for me?  Let me know below!

xo, kelsey (2)