Since last week’s Lazy Girl Organization went down like hotcakes, I thought I’d do a follow-up.  Who knew so many others were also trying so hard to exhibit the least amount of effort as possible in so many aspects of their life?  Welcome, my friends.  I’d say we should start a club, but that sounds like too much work.

I’m not quite sure if these are exactly tips for the lazy, because they could also double as tips for those who are busy.  Either way, these are my methods for doing the bare minimum, with the biggest results:
Care for your skin.  Never, ever skip caring for your skin, either in the morning, the evening, or mid-day.  Trust me, taking that few extra minutes to take off all your make up, cleanse your face, and moisturize before bed will severely cut down on the time you are using to cover up or treat your breakouts, and the time and money you will spend on anti-aging treatments down the line.  The same idea applies for the morning.  Your face will look so much brighter after you treat it well in the morning, which will allow you to have more confident make-up free days, and will cut down on time you need to spend primping to make yourself feel “presentable”.
This also includes your lips, and your entire body as well.  Learn to keep a lip balm of your choice always on hand.  Mine is EOS Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm.  Remembering to swipe this on a few times per day is worth a lot more than having ugly red-rimmed, stinging chapped lips.
And, for the truly lazy girl, meet my new best friend:
This spray lotion from St. Ives is amazing, and also super convenient.  After showering, take a moment to towel dry and then spray this all over your skin.  It smells great, and keeps my skin hydrated with very minimal effort.  In my opinion, it is the ultimate lazy beauty hack.

Mix your concealer with your moisturizer for instant BB cream. On days where I need to run out the door, or am too lazy to put on a full face of make-up to go to the grocery store, I DIY my own tinted moisturizer.  Mix your fav moisturizer with your concealer and apply to your face.  Play around with the ratio you like– mine is 2:1 moisturizer to concealer, and I just mix it together on the back of my hand and use my foundation brush to apply it all over my face.  Bam. Your skin tone is magically even with a light coverage and your skin is extra moisturized for the day.

Instantly make your eyes pop with highlighter.  Apply a highlighter under your eyes to make them appear brighter and more awake.  If you’re a cheapskate like me and don’t own a highlighter?  Dust a wee bit of light and shimmery eyeshadow in insides of your eyes and just underneath the lash line.  Now nobody will know you stayed up until 2am watching Youtube videos and hit snooze 7 times this morning.
Baby powder for your hair if you have to skip a shower.  Before you totally tune out, let me explain.  Ever come  home super late and are too tired to shower before you have to go meet friends, or decide that your bed is just far too comfortable to get up and get into the shower before you have to go run an errand?  Buying the small sized bottles of baby powder will change your life.  Sprinkle some into your hands and run through your oily areas– the scalp, your hairline, near the nape of your neck, wherever you need.  Make sure to really work it in there.  The powder will soak up the oil and make your hair smell nice too.  Even as a brunette/red head, I rarely spend money on dry shampoo and prefer to use some Johnson & Johnson’s instead.  If you work it in well enough, it takes away the sheen of the oil and doesn’t leave a white residue on your hair.  Just be careful of your scalp!  If you do add too much and have a little bit of a white scalp, dampen a wash cloth and just blot at the area– it usually takes the white away immediately!
Boom, there you have it.  Those are a few of my tips on how to stay beautiful with very minimal effort.  Enjoy ladies, and stay lazy.


Beauty Lessons from the Make-up Counter

To celebrate my only day off this week, I woke up on Thursday morning with a few very specific plans:
1.  Drink coffee and stalk Pinterest
2.  Enjoy the left-over Olive Garden Chicken and Gnocchi soup from last night’s board meeting as breakfast
3.  Go shopping
4.  Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.  Love me some Shondaland.
As soon as I had successfully crossed the first two off my to-do list, I headed out towards the mall.  I had a few things on my list, including new make-up brushes and a new liquid foundation.  
So naturally, I headed towards Sephora.
I almost always head immediately away from the super pushy totally well-meaning sales staff that single in on you the moment you walk into a store,  and today was no different.  My mother and I  politely rebuffed the offers of help while I circled the store a few times before I realized they didn’t have the brushes I was looking for.  
I was about to head out, but was stopped with Mom spotted a display promoting the bareMinerals Blemish Remedy foundation.  
Cathy is always pushing me into trying new acne-centered products, as I have a pretty bad acne around my mouth, and on my lower cheeks.  Much like the sales ladies, I usually ignore her urges to spend XX amount of money on new products promising to cure my face.  I’ve had acne for the past few years, and feel as if I have tried every trick in the book, every abrasive chemical that promises results, and every totally bullshit DIY skin treatment that has ever been pinned on Pinterest.  In between the red marks, I actually do have pretty nice skin, so I have just learned to live with the splotchy marks as one of my perfect imperfections.
Still, I found myself flagging down the sales woman that I hid from in the beginning, and then somehow ended up sitting in the little chair at the make up counter with a tattooed woman named Shannon looming over me.
Bing, bang, boom.  Testing the foundation turned into getting bronzed, blushed, and having an in-depth conversation about my style preferences, coloring, and dermatologists vs. estheticians.  And during this discussion, I learned several things:
  • Knowing the color tones of your face is important.  Turns out, according to Shannon, I have a peachy skin tone, which does not sit well with the normal bronze-y colors I usually pick out.  If I hadn’t stopped to try out the foundation, I would have grabbed the color I thought matched me, which turns out makes my cheeks look very yellow.  It wasn’t until she did a side-by-side comparison that I noticed how much brighter my skin was with a pinker toned foundation, as opposed to my tan ones.

  • Testing foundation colors on your hand/wrist/etc is an outdated process.  For the best results, test it on your face.  And if you’re between two products, test both of them side by side.  As I learned from my yellow/peach discovery, it is important to see it on your face.  Also, if you can, testing it in your face is especially good if you have sensitive skin.  
  • Add warmth to your face by bronzing a few choice areas.  I don’t know how to explain this one, so please see the handy little diagram below.  Shannon followed the dark marks around the edge of my face, top of my head, in the hair line, down the middle of my cheeks and around the bottom of my face, near the neck.  She didn’t do anything to my nose or collar bone, like this picture shows, but I suppose if you want to get fancy, go for it!  

  • Blush and bronzer make good eyeshadows.  If you’re going for a natural look or minimal make up look, use your bronzer to fill in the crease of your eyelid and your blush to add some color to your eyelid.  Top that off with some mascara, and suddenly you’ve got a “relaxed but glam look” (Shannon’s words).  It could also provide for make-up when you have to pack lightly for something (My words; always practical). 

I ended up purchasing the foundation (which I may review here in a few weeks, as I really do like how it feels, even if it doesn’t help improve my skin), and no brushes.  So I achieved nothing like I planned on today, but I did get a nice little lesson on using a few simple products.   I may even go back for more in a few weeks, this time to get an actual liquid foundation, and trick her into giving me more lessons.

But for now, it’s time for #4 on my list: Grey’s and Scandal.  All hail Queen Shonda.


July Favorites

I’ve seen a lot of Youtubers (and now: bloggers) do monthly “favorites” videos/posts where they list out things they really enjoyed during the month.  And being entirely void of my own original ideas, and also wanting to post something so I don’t leave my lovely blog lonely for two days in a row, I thought I’d jump on that band wagon.  Therefore, we have our July Favorites:

1. Cash

I recently found myself without having a wallet anymore.  Whether it was stolen, or I drunkenly absent-mindedly left it on a table at a bar restaurant in Chicago this weekend… either way, I no longer have it.  (It’s a pink Vera Bradley zippered piece o’ crap in case anyone sees the large, smelly and pilfering middle age man who has probably opened up many credit cards in my name by now carrying it around.)  That included not only my license, my school ID, but my debt and credit cards as well.

I never realized how many things in life cost money until I suddenly found myself without a means to have it on my person.  Gas?  Need money.  Food?  Need money.  New black pants for your glamorous new job as a server? Money.  Need money? Surprise! You need a debit card to remove the money from the place that was supposed to be safeguarding it for you.  And you know what you need to get a new (yet very, very limited in it’s powers) ATM card to access that money while you wait for your new debit card to come in the mail? An ID.  But guess what you need to get a new ID? MONEY.

Photo Source: Here

So yeah.  Cash.  Big, big fan.

2. Pens

(Reaaaallly had to resist the urge to add “15” to the end of “Pens” because I am actually 12 years old.)

This month I did many things that involved writing: finishing out my internship, moving all of my beloved crap from one apartment into storage, studying for my personal training exam, starting a new “Write everything down in your journal as a reminder, you disorganized f*ck” system, and of course, that lovely new job as a server.

Pencils are cheap.  The lead (graphite?) smears, or the lead (graphite?!) breaks and you don’t have a sharpener.  And if you don’t pay attention, it leaves the silver smear of defeat across the side of your hand that will eventually transfer onto your other documents, or any white item of clothing you have on.  I’m not a big fan of pencils.

Pens are strong.  Pens are mighty.  Pens are permanent and wonderful.  Pens are also basically like currency if you are in any sort of job that requires writing.  Or if you are a waitress server, as I have learned this week.  You learn to heavily rely on pens.  I like pens.  Pens.  PEN15. (I’m sorry.)

3. Red Nail Polish

Very festive.  Reds are a good look for the 4th of July, and Christmas in July.  And just overall flattering color that goes with everything.

Nothing funny. Just a fan.  I really love red nail polish. My favorite is “She’s Pampered” by Essie if you ever want to try something new.

(Insert blogger trick to entice readers to comment.)

Do you have any favorites worth sharing?  Comment below and let me know that they are!