I only have a few hours to enjoy my Sunday morning before I have to go to work later.  Therefore, I am going to spend them drinking coffee and watching Netflix in my bed, instead of worrying about my writers’ block and my inability to form an interesting post following my super sappy Ode to Alpha Delta Pi yesterday.  

However, I only have writers’ block because I may have… uh.. failed to plan ahead a wee bit. (WHAAAT? Me?! Noooooo.)

Instead of thinking about my 5th day of #Blogtober yesterday, I had Cross Country meets for the CSAC, worked all afternoon, and then went for drinks and a movie with a friend.

Off Topic: Saw Gone Girl.  Loved the book, but was disappointed in the ending.  The movie was fantastic, one of the better adaptations of a book-to-movie, in my humble opinion.  I was unsure of Ben Affleck as Nick, but was pleasantly surprised.  My only criticism is the horrible fat suit they put Rosamund Pike in, and her horribly styled hair when it was long and blond– like, dude.  Isn’t the style big, voluminous hair? Why do movies insist on styling actresses with hair that is practically plastered to their head?


So, in order to hopefully help others escape the perils of poor blogging habits, I present you with this link to a cute free printable blog planner from Kayla at Say Not Sweet Anne.  The style is not really my taste, but I adore the set-up for the organizational purpose.  Thought I’d share it for anyone interested, as it looks incredibly useful and her directions for printing and binding are impeccable.

So do as a I say, and not as a do.  Plan your blog posts, and avoid writing something quick and dirty like this while you wait for your coffee to cool.

xo, kelsey (2)