Black Friday: A Shopaholic’s Lament

Shopper's Lament | Candidly Kelsey

I told myself I wasn’t going to fall victim this year.

I would be strong.  I would be sturdy.  I would remember how much crap I bought this month already (so much, that I was too ashamed to post my “haul” blog post last week because of the sheer volume of stuff I’ve purchased), that I am very thankful for all that I have, and that I should do better at my putting-money-into-savings plan.

Then I got an email from Morphe Brushes. And then an email from Amazon.  And then Sigma Brushes.  And now I’ve traded the Thanksgiving Meat Sweats for “That’s a really good deal” sweats, and have buried my wallet in the bottom of my purse in hopes that I forget it’s there.

I’m considering cutting my debit card in half.  I can always get a replacement.  It may be the only way to keep my money safe.

And then I logged on just to take a look.  Just a peak at the Morphe Brushes sale.  Peaking is no harm, right?  I bet the deals aren’t even that good.

Wrong.  I was wrong.  My new brushes will be here by the end of next week.

And now I’m calculating how much food I know I have in my freezer so that I can avoid getting groceries next week, and check out Amazon.  The electronics have got to have good deals, right? It’s Amazon.  I need a new camera.

Why is shopping so addicting?  Why do I get such joy at filling my teeny tiny apartment with stuff?  Gracie needs another cat bed, and even though my apartment is as the guest bathroom at my dad’s house (seriously!), it’s totally time to finally get my dream KitchenAide mixer, and brand new DSLR camera right now.  I can find room.  It’ll be fine.

But seriously, does anyone else feel like shopping on days like today (Black Friday) is a compulsion?  I have visited the same three websites over and over today, checking sales, seeing of anything catches my eye. I know this money could be put to better use, but the words SALE reflect in my eyes.  They may as well be flashing “FREE CHOCOLATE AND PUPPY CUDDLES” because it’s like I have no control.

Is there Black Friday Shopper Anonymous? Because I would like to join, please.  Thank you.


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5 Types of People in Every Coffee Shop

I like to work in coffee shops.  I’m not sure if it’s the smell, the atmosphere, or the blow to the self-esteem that comes with sitting around so many people who are most-likely penning the next great american novel or Jennifer Lawrence movie and not actually on Facebook, but I love it.

While I cruise Pinterest when I really should be returning emails, it’s usually the same cast of characters that is scattered around me.  And it’s in my vast experience of bopping around shops in several different states and cities that I have determined that everyone falls into one of five categories at a coffee shop.  Allow me to educate you.

1. The Student

You can find the student by their slightly disheveled appearance and the look of pure defeat and anguish on their face as they stare into their laptop or book.  Most will be chewing on the edge of a pen or pencil, and will sigh aggressively every so often.  Their table will usually have multiple beverages on it.  Careful not to catch their eye because if you look like you’re an empathetic person, The Student may finally succumb to the stress and burst into tears after seeing your kind, understanding eyes.

2.  The Freelancer

This one can be tricky, as the success of a freelancer can usually be determined by one of two basic appearances.  First includes trendy clothing, well rested, and optimistic.  They are the Freelancer that looks too well put together to be sitting in a Starbucks on at 2pm on a Wednesday, but yet they smile softly as they work on their computer.  They usually get refills on drinks too, as if prices don’t matter and money is abundant.
The second type of Freelancer looks similar to the student, but older and slightly sadder around the eyes.  Wrinkled clothing and a slight sense of desperation as they squint at their computer are another trademark of the the Freelancer. They either type at a feverish pace, or stare sullenly into a blank document. They usually order the smallest size beverage.

3. The Artist

The ornate leather, or otherwise hand-crafted books they carry are a dead give-away.  Either it be with a notebook and pen, or a novel for pleasure, the Artist has a special hunch they assume when concentrating.  They will usually congregate at the most comfortable areas of the shop– the couches, if available– because they’ve most likely been there since the shop opened.  They usually have tea, or black coffee, and seem like they are way too comfortable with this public space.  Artists have been known to even rest their feet on the couches.
If you’re still not sure, a dead give-away is having a hat.  Artists usually have hats with them, either already on their head even though it’s 76 degrees outside, or ready to put on before they leave.  And even though they have on six different layers of clothing and are drinking hot tea straight from the tea pot, they don’t seem to be sweating at all.

4. The Newbie

You can practically smell the fear coming off the Newbies.  They pause at the door, gripping their backpacks with fear in their eyes as they try to look for a spot to set up camp.  Newbies rarely make eye contact for worry of someone smelling their fear and sensing their lack of experience.  Most are dressed for comfort, and wearing headphones.  Once settled, Newbies will take up as little space as possible.  You can catch them shooting sneaky glances at everyone around them, trying to look as if they’re not staring.
Newbies also show their weakness by forgetting to turn off their phone volume when taking a picture of their latte foam art.  The immediate blushing is a tell-tale sign of the Newbie.

5. The Employee

Much like the Artist, the Employee owns the place.  Despite the fact that it’s their day off, they hang out in the corner doing seemingly nothing of importance, yet wear a very serious face as they crochet, sketch, or play Candy Crush on their phone.  Most don’t even bother to wear headphones.
Though most coffee shop patrons prefer to speak in hushed tones, the Employee has no issues speaking at full volume to the barista behind the counter, making small talk or jokes.   Many have even been seen throwing caution to the wind and walking behind the counter all together.
If you’re unsure if you’re looking at an Artist or an Employee, just take a glance at the Newbie; the Employee is the most intimidating, and will no doubt attract their eye.  The Newbie will practically wither in the presence of an Employee.
Which one are you?  I’m definitely the Newbie, or, on a good day, the sad Freelancer.  And I’m not just saying that because I took a picture at full volume of my beautiful latte this morning and got a dirty look from the guy next to me.  Whatever, man.  Do it for the Instagram, right?

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All I Wanted Was Brunch

I took a few impromptu days off work for the first time in I don’t even know how long, and went to Chicago this weekend.   A little shopping, a little hella lot of food, some booze, and a wine/Netflix night with one of my BFFs was much needed.

Friday began at a speak-easy bar with super fancy drinks with a man who owns real estate in Chicago (I know, right– I have a hard time paying my phone bill on time, and he is a freakin’ landlord).  Dining with a 25-year-old who owns his own condo in the city, and has more rings on one hand than I have in my entire jewelry box will realllly make you put your life in perspective, you know?  Bonus: I tried duck wings, which were delicious but thankfully didn’t quack at me.

Saturday morning afternoon started with brunch at DryHop– where I finally had poutine.  Fries + Cheese + Gravy? Thank god for Canada.  I also made Amanda take this super staged photo of me, featuring the coffee spread they gave me, my favorite shirt (and also my breasts, apparently).

Saturday afternoon was some melting in the city humidity shopping on State street, which included acquiring more blisters than I have ever had in my life.  I bought the cutest shoes I’ve ever had (pictures to come later, probably, unless you follow me on Snapchat: iamkelskels), but will not be able to use them for months while my feet recover from the hell my Ked’s put them through on Saturday.

Later Saturday included a Mexican fiesta with some of my favorite people, and then a relaxed night of wine and Netflix.

The best surprise of it all was some impromptu apartment hunting Sunday morning.  What started with looking at a super tiny cardboard box with hardwood floors turned into our final stop with a gorgeous studio that had an updated kitchen, and a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque walk-in-closet into the bathroom.  With double doors to the closet.  It took all of my will-power not to turn around to the renting broker and Amanda and go “Hello, I live here now.

Except, yanno, this is a studio with no central air, and Carrie’s was a penthouse in Manhattan.  But same, difference, right?

I may be pushing my whole moving thing up sooner in hopes of having my own Carrie Bradshaw studio.  Which meant rushing back to Toledo last night to get back to my three jobs and my three ways to earn income.  I’m simultaneously excited and also terrified, so I guess I’ll just keep window-shopping Ikea and checking my credit score.

Anyone got any tips for moving a bed up a narrow, 3-story walk-up?  Can you say “PIVOT?!”

Don’t answer that.

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A Little Story

I began an explanation/update post several times over the past week, but due to the lack of WIFI where I was staying, actually posting it wasn’t feasible.

So let’s try again, shall we?

Following my last post, I felt like crazy woman, running around trying to get things together for my upcoming vacation and a few personal things done.  (Speaking of: Health Insurance.  Anyone actually purchased it for themselves before?  In all of my college classes, we learned all about the different types, but never actually covered how to shop for it.  If you have info, send me a message!)

Last week ended with a night of fun with some co-workers to celebrate a successful few months.  Somehow, the night of fun ended with my purse falling out of my lap as I got into a car to go home. So unlike me, right?

St. Patrick's Day, make-up, green eyeshadow, eyeshadow, gold eyeshadow, lost phone, airport, mess, loser

(But I least I looked damn good when it happened.  I mean LOOK AT THAT EYE SHADOW GAME. All done with my Naked palette in golds and greens like my shirt.  Tutorial, anyone?)

Fast forward to a hectic Saturday morning: trying to get a new license, cancel my debit card, and get a new cell phone– all before my evening flight to Florida.  That time I had originally planned on using to take tons of blog pictures for my vacation-related posts was now used to frantically get my life together.

Thankfully, I managed to get it all done, and get to the airport in time for my flight.  I steered clear of the airport bars, but did manage to drown my sorrows in a giant plate of chicken tenders like the adult who was flying for the first time by herself that I was.  I may have left my dignity next to my cell phone on the sidewalk in downtown Toledo, but at least I had my chicken tenders.

After the hooplah of Friday and Saturday, I arrived safe and sound in Miami(ish) for a few days of sunshine, no work (did anyone else hear the hallelujah chorus when they read that, or was it just me?), some quality time with my Daddy and family, and zero WIFI.  They live like cavemen down there, I swear.

Now I’m back home in the overcast, 40 degree weather with this week’s episodes of Grey’s and Scandal waiting for me on the DVR.

Vacation is great.  Seeing my dad and family was awesome.  Not working for 5 days was great.  But your dog peeing with excitement when you walk through the door is even better.  Especially when the wifi automatically connects.

Stay tuned for aforementioned vacation-themed blog posts. Having no internet connection left me far too much time to think.

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At the Moment (100TH POST?)

I have nothing.  ‘Nada.  Zilch.

CSAC, basketball, community school athletic conference, beauty blog, blog

No interesting thought in my brain to put into the keyboard and onto the screen.  
No inspiring words of wisdom, or funny anecdote for life that I can write and charm you all with. 
I am working a ton, and using my spare time to nap, and then work some more.  Hence the grainy, stolen-from-Snapchat mirror pic from basketball games a few weeks ago.  My hair was on point that day, so I couldn’t not take a selfie, right?
After using this past Tuesday between shifts to nap instead of blog like normal– thus, missing Wednesday’s post— I wanted to post some sort of artfully done, personal post about my life at the moment for today, but after three different drafts of essentially the same information, I decided to just give up on the artfully done part.
There is no interesting way to say I go back and forth from work at the gym, to work on the computer, sleep, eat, watch some Youtube, read some blogs, and work for sports, and then a shift or two at Applebee’s to round out the week.  Other than pajamas, and the occasional flannel shirt for our non-dress code at the CSAC, I literally haven’t worn non-work uniform clothes in weeks.  I am starting to miss real clothes– which is something I never thought I’d say.
Not that I’m complaining.  When I decided to forgo looking for a full time position so that I could work with the CSAC– which is essentially a volunteer position with almost full-time hours– for awhile, I knew that that would mean working extra on the side to keep up. After graduation, I was floundering on what I wanted to do with my life, but this position has taught me so much and really solidified my want to continue in the non-profit/philanthropy field.  There is just something about the feeling of knowing that what I am doing is helping or making someone else happy that I don’t think I could ever give up.
So I am happy to continue on.  While I’m young, and my body can bounce back from the sleep deprivation.  I practically survived on coffee and willpower in college anyway, so why should post-grad be any different?
Conclusion: I am devoid of original thought.  I promise to get back to regularly scheduled beauty/humor/whatever you want to call it soon.  Maybe.
PS. LORD YEEZUS, while proof-reading I realize this is my 100th blog post.  Good to say I posted a GREAT ONE, huh?

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