50 Fall Flavors Better Than Pumpkin Spice

Out of all the fall flavors, Pumpkin Spice is far too overrated. Here's a list of 50 other ideas... / www.CandidlyKelseyBlog.com

It’s Autumn. The best season of the entire year, and the best potential for delicious fall flavors to indulge in while you can cover up your foodie sins with endless layers of puffy clothing. And yet, this is the season that we celebrate the worst flavor known to mankind:

Pumpkin Spice.

In an entire world of culinary treats… how is this the damn fall flavor that consumes us from September-December? Literally thousands of flavors, and hundreds of which could easily compliment the background of a crisp fall breeze and leaves crunching underfoot… and we decide that friggin’ Pumpkin Spice is going to the the theme of the best season known to man?

I don’t think so.

And I’m not just saying this because I hate Pumpkin Spice almost as much as I hate Cheeto Jesus, but because in a world of endless tastes we are set to suffer with this one flavor profile to rule over the other delicious flavor profiles? Nah bro.

In the interest of spreading the good word of oh, I don’t know, any other flavor ever, I thought I’d share my top 50 other flavors that are better than Pumpkin Spice (in no particular order).

50 Fall Flavors Better Than Pumpkin Spice

  1. Chocolate
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Chocolate AND Peanut Butter
  4. Mint
  5. Butterscotch
  6. Stale Chocolate
  7. S’mores
  8. Toffee Nut
  9. Apple
  10. Cinnamon
  11. Day-old apple cinnamon
  12. Caramel Apple
  13. Cranberry
  14. Orange
  15. Orange Spice
  16. Toasted Marshmallow– not to be confused with S’more, as this one contains NO chocolate
  17. White Chocolate
  18. Maple
  19. Salted Caramel
  20. Bad apple flavoring that really tastes like what a bad candle smells like, kind of waxy and sour
  21. A gym sock, probably
  22. Nutmeg
  23. Apple Pie
  24. Peach Pie
  25. Blueberry Pie
  26. Literally any kind of pie, like any pie at all, including spinach
  27. Caramel Corn
  28. Candy Corn (AKA literally the shittiest candy known to man)
  29. Turkey & Gravy
  30. Mashed Potato
  31. Green Bean Casserole
  32. Canned Cranberry Sauce
  33. Pink Gelatin Mold Your Grandma Makes But Nobody Eats
  34. Raspberry
  35. Toffee (minus the nut)
  36. Amaretto
  37. Wet Dog Smell
  38. Leftover Chinese Food
  39. Cat Treats
  40. Water
  41. Mint Chocolate Chip
  42. Cloves (or whatever that Christmas-smelly spice is)
  43. Apple Pie Spice
  44. Dirty Diaper
  45. Dollar Store Lip Gloss You Didn’t Mean to Eat But It Accidentally Got In Your Mouth And Now You’re Full of So Much Regret
  46. Cinnamon Toothpaste
  47. A day-old Skittle you found a the bottom of your purse
  48. Coconut
  49. Drinking Orange Juice After Brushing Your Teeth Taste
  50. Vanilla

And I could go on, but you get the picture. F*ck Pumpkin Spice.


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The Ultimate List of Facebook Groups For Make-Up Addicts

Do you ever feel like nobody in your life understands your love of makeup, and you have nobody to ask questions to, or share in excitement with? Welcome to Facebook Groups... // www.CandidlyKelseyBlog.com

If you’re ever feeling alone in something you like– don’t. Welcome to the world of Facebook Groups.

My beauty product obsession is only an interest I developed in the last few years. And until recently, I was pretty alone in that obsession, especially when I was living at home in Ohio. There are only so many times you can show your cat mom a swatch of a lipstick before she goes to her bedroom and locks the door.

So I turned to Facebook Groups to help curb my addiction for talking about products. To this day these groups are still the reason why I have yet to delete my personal Facebook. It’s not very often that you can get a group of women and men together who will all fan girl over a Sephora shipping notification with you, or help you guess the brand/shade of a lipstick that a celeb is photographed wearing. And all from the comfort of your own home!

Get a new lipstick and you’re feeling yourself? Post it to the group, and share with (literally) thousands of others.  Curious if a product is worth the hype? Ask the group and get answers immediately. I’m serious– there is even a woman who is SO talented at creating these gorgeous, intricate eyeshadow looks that there is currently a campaign going to get her to create a Youtube channel or to study make-up professionally. Outside of Alpha Delta Pi, never have I ever belonged to a group of such supportive people.

Obviously there are bound to be a ton of these groups, but I do have a few favorites.

Make Up Tips Connection

This was the first group I joined. It had a few thousand members when I found it, and now it’s got nearly 20,000. This is the perfect place for product recommendations, to ask questions, gossip over the beauty guru committee (like the Kat Von D & Jeffrey Star Cosmetics feud?! DAMN!), and more. People even post selfies with “How do I look?” or “Make-up looks banging today, just needed to share with people who understand!” and everyone is pretty much always very nice and encouraging. Even if you’re a make-up newbie, this is a great group to join.

ColourPop Fanatics

This group is dedicated purely to ColourPop Cosmetics (as you can tell from the title) so if you’re a ColourPop fan, I highly recommend joining. Not only is it the best place to hear about new releases, see swatches, examples of make-up looks using ColourPop products, etc, but it also has a really great community feel with people thanks to creator of the group hosting giveaways and other games.

Everything Makeup, Hair & More

This one is as large as Make Up Tips Connection, but has a much different feel. People “go live” a lot in this one and just hang out and chat while they do their make-up or hair. And as you can guess from the title, a lot more general beauty topics are discussed instead of just make-up. It’s less informational than the other two, and more of a community-based group.

Makeup Addicts

Though the other groups seem to have a wide variety of genders, this one has a wider variety of ages. It also seems to be a much more international place– with (I THINK, so sorry if I am just an ignorant American and am so wrong) a large proportions of Australians. A lot of the references that are made that I don’t always understand, but everyone is again super supportive. If you’re outside the U.S., I would check this one out. Everyone is really nice and helpful, and is great for reviews.


And those are just my favorite beauty Facebook Groups. If you’re looking for a great online forum, just search your interests on Facebook and I guarantee there is a group out there for you. This social media age is great (and a little creepy) for finding people who are interested in the same things you are.

Have any makeup Facebook Groups you love? Let me know. I’m already in six, what’s a few more?!

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27 Thoughts During The Super Bowl

27 Thoughts During The Super Bowl, featuring men falling down and dancing in tights. // www.CandidlyKelseyBlog.com

Super Bowl. Did you watch last night? I did. If you missed it, don’t worry. Here’s what happened.

  1. Super Bowl 50. It’s hard to believe men have been hugging each other and falling down for points for 50 years. Good for them.
  2. I should really learn Roman Numerals.
  3. God, I love dips. We should all really eat more dips.
  4. Is it time for Beyonce yet?
  5. Is that a Monkey or a dog? Oh my god, it has human legs. Monkey-Dog-Human? It has a pug face? This is worse than the actual game.
  6. Men in tight pants, men in tight pants, men in tight pants, men in tight pants…
  7. SPORTS!
  9. Paging Queen Bey, Queen Bey to the field, please…
  10. Football players are just men who were too large to be dancers. That’s why they wear tights, and dance in the end zones. I’m positive.
  11. Is it too soon to get seconds on the dips?
  13. Orrr talk about sports for 45 minutes, that’s fine too.
  14. Is Chris Martin a hologram? Is he real? He’s not real. That’s not a real man on the field. Was he real? What if all the fans ran over him?
  15. How did the crowd all know to wear matching outfits?
  16. Not Beyonce.
  17. You’re not Beyonce.
  18. Still not Beyonce.
  19. Giant flower flags. I’m so into it.
  21. Are they going to make Beyonce and Bruno Mars dance next to another? Because that just seems mean. How will the camera adjust for their height difference?
  22. Did she almost fall? I think she almost fell. Recovered nicely. Proud of you, boo.
  23. Oh hell, they’re doing it. They’re dancing together. Who’s the white guy behind them?
  24. This feels so “We Are The World”. Is this a football game or a telethon for charity? Who do I donate my money to? I don’t care who the cause is, I just feel so uplifted.
  26. God, that was intense. I think I need a shower now. Or more dip. Definitely more dips.
  27. I love football.


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Black Friday: A Shopaholic’s Lament

Shopper's Lament | Candidly Kelsey

I told myself I wasn’t going to fall victim this year.

I would be strong.  I would be sturdy.  I would remember how much crap I bought this month already (so much, that I was too ashamed to post my “haul” blog post last week because of the sheer volume of stuff I’ve purchased), that I am very thankful for all that I have, and that I should do better at my putting-money-into-savings plan.

Then I got an email from Morphe Brushes. And then an email from Amazon.  And then Sigma Brushes.  And now I’ve traded the Thanksgiving Meat Sweats for “That’s a really good deal” sweats, and have buried my wallet in the bottom of my purse in hopes that I forget it’s there.

I’m considering cutting my debit card in half.  I can always get a replacement.  It may be the only way to keep my money safe.

And then I logged on just to take a look.  Just a peak at the Morphe Brushes sale.  Peaking is no harm, right?  I bet the deals aren’t even that good.

Wrong.  I was wrong.  My new brushes will be here by the end of next week.

And now I’m calculating how much food I know I have in my freezer so that I can avoid getting groceries next week, and check out Amazon.  The electronics have got to have good deals, right? It’s Amazon.  I need a new camera.

Why is shopping so addicting?  Why do I get such joy at filling my teeny tiny apartment with stuff?  Gracie needs another cat bed, and even though my apartment is as the guest bathroom at my dad’s house (seriously!), it’s totally time to finally get my dream KitchenAide mixer, and brand new DSLR camera right now.  I can find room.  It’ll be fine.

But seriously, does anyone else feel like shopping on days like today (Black Friday) is a compulsion?  I have visited the same three websites over and over today, checking sales, seeing of anything catches my eye. I know this money could be put to better use, but the words SALE reflect in my eyes.  They may as well be flashing “FREE CHOCOLATE AND PUPPY CUDDLES” because it’s like I have no control.

Is there Black Friday Shopper Anonymous? Because I would like to join, please.  Thank you.


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Hitting the Field

Chicago, The Field Museum, vikings, dinosaurs, museums, educational chicago

After sending out enough resumes the get my entire graduating high school class hired, I took a little break today.  Luckily, some friends had the day off too so we decided to hit the The Field Museum.

I’m a huge fan of museums, but it has been a long time since I’ve been to one.  It was an afternoon of culture and me holding in so many jokes about how phallic some of the exhibits were. The giant screen full of all the creatures popping out of the the ocean floor… I mean, come on.

I really enjoyed the Viking exhibit, because I honestly knew nothing about vikings before.  Apparently they’re not rude and aggressive sailors who wear those horned hats with big yellow braids sticking out of them.  They’re real people who lived in villages, farmed, had families, and had really good hygiene– and no, I’m actually not kidding on that one.  Combs were apparently a big deal to them.  They also had real human bones in this exhibit, which was cool as crap too.

My second favorite was the dinosaurs though.  Obviously.

Chicago, chicago museum, chicago land marks, dinosaurs

We all know dinosaurs were giant, but I love seeing the slightly smaller ones.  Like prehistoric horses that were about as big as a dog.  Can you just imagine a little horse running around your house and playing fetch?

But playing with the big ones is cool too, I guess.

Chicago, chicago landmarks, dinosaurs, sue, educational chicago

Tomorrow is back to business with a few job interviews lined up for the rest of this week.  Think happy and employable thoughts for me!  And leave your favorite Chicago educational landmarks in the comments for me.  I want to get through them all!

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