Go-To Everyday Make-Up

Recently I’ve gotten so many compliments in real life about my daily make-up.  Since I’m forced to wear the same thing everyday in the way of my work uniforms, I have become quite the make-up enthusiast the past few months.  As my hair is a battle I lost a long time ago, my face is the only place I am able to be creative.  It’s a canvas and I am the preschooler with some finger paints.

I try to change it up everyday— basically a way that I trick myself into thinking it’s okay to buy tons of new stuff because like duh, I totally use it all the time— but when I’m feeling lazy, this is my go-to face for the last few weeks.

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer, which I spoke about here.  Still smitten, still wearing it.

Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin (foundation). I wear color 220, Natural Beige.  I just recently got this foundation a few weeks ago and am liking it so far.  It has good coverage but doesn’t feel heavy.  No idea if the “for Combination/Oily Skin” part makes that big of a difference though.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser for under my eyes (obvi).  I picked this up when everyone else wouldn’t stop raging about it a few weeks ago… not sure if I’m that impressed, but I am still using it anyway. It is super easy to apply, though.

Benefit Erase Paste in “Medium” for concealer on all other things, like acne scars and zits.  It has a thicker formula, which I like because it feels like it covers more, especially with skin redness.  I’m still using a tiny sample size that I’ve had for months, and it’s only half gone.  I think this was also in my November favorites as well, which shows you how long I’ve been using it and it’s still going strong.

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick in #10, “Just Pinched Pink”.  I usually tap it on straight from the stick, and then blend it out with a brush.  Again, not quite sure if I’m too impressed, but I do like the pink flushed color it has. I also like that it’s got a matte finish, so my cheeks don’t look too shimmery– as running around at work will usually make them go shiny anyway.

Bronzer (not pictured).  I’ve almost used up my Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Light Bronzer and am in the market for a new bronzer.  This one was probably too light/yellow for me, and I wasn’t that impressed with the staying power.  But as it’s the only bronzer I have at the moment, it’s been my go-to.   I use it for some light contouring, and around my hair line, and jawline for a little bit of glow.

Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in “Barely Branded” as an eyeshadow base.  It’s the most delicious champagne color and I wear it everyday.  I just tap it on using my finger and it’s the easiest thing ever.  I reviewed some other colors not long ago, and the rest of the range has not disappointed.  I’ve grown quite a collection of these, and have turned them into my own personal Pokemon card deck– gotta catch’em all!

Naked Palette for eyeshadow.  My go-to is “Sidecar” on the outer half of my eyelids and underneath my bottom lashes for some shimmer, and then “Hustle” blended into my crease.  It’s a great little subtle shimmer that I get compliments on all the time.  I also use “Virgin” as an eyebrow highlight.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black/brown.  Nothing fancy here, just line the top of my eyes. If I could do a cat eye or little flick, I would, but unless I am going for a raccoon thing, I usually just stick with a simple line across my top lashes.

Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions Lash Blash mascara.  It’s my current fave as I can apply my usual 2-3 coats and it doesn’t clump up.  But I have naturally thick lashes, so I’m not super picky on mascara.

And last but not least, my go-to lip product with a little bit of color is Maybelline Baby Lips in “Grape Vine” which adds a nice deep tint to the lips, but is super sheer and pretty and won’t get on my teeth or fade off my lips ombre style if I forget that I am wearing it.

Annnnndd that’s it.  Add in a messy bun, a cup of coffee, and an infinity scarf, and you now know how to look exactly like me.  You’re welcome.

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Got that Midas Touch

This weekend I went HAM with a can of gold spray paint, and a gold metallic Sharpie.  Nothing plain or out of date was off limits–including my nails, which will now probably be gold-painted for the next few weeks.  Not that I’m complaining.

Though I am in money-saving mode, I was also feeling a DIY itch I couldn’t quite shake, so when I popped out to pick up tooth paste, I picked up a bottle of gold spray paint (as one does).  I did a quick walk-through of my room and bathroom, and ended up with a small pile of unsuspecting goodies.

Gold Accessories, DIY, Cheap Home Updates

Step 1: Clean your crap (with soap).
(Secret Step 1.5— Properly prepare the surfaces you are painting.  Plastic, metal, etc. etc.  Some may need sanding or priming to promote longevity so that they won’t chip.   Google your object to double check!)
Step 2: Protect the parts you don’t want to be painted.  I used plastic grocery bags and masking tape to cover the important parts.
Step 3: Throw a paint party.
Step 4: Wait (24 hours– or 12, if you’re super impatient like me).
Step 5: Seal your masterpieces, with either spray enamel or Mod Podge.  Do not skip this step unless you want your hard work to chip off.

Originally, I had an old glass salsa jar, a plastic container leftover from college that was holding pens, gross, out-dated dresser knobs on an old dresser, and an old, stained mirror.

Instead, I now have cute new make-up storage drawers, a matching make-up brush holder, a glitzy stand mirror, and an slightly updated dresser.

Home Decor Updates with Spray Paint, Spray Painted Crafts

DIY Mini Home Make-over, Cheap DIY

And all for under $5. Suck it, Pottery Barn.

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DIY Winter Beauty Hacks

Winter skin is the worst.  And unfortunately, a lot of beauty companies know this and will try to take advantage of your poor, painful, cracked skin.  Don’t waste money on expensive products when you can fix all your problems by using items you most likely have in your kitchen.  It saves time, money and a trip out to the store in sub-zero temperatures.  And let’s be real, I’m all about being frugal and lazy.  And I want to help you do the same.

1.  DIY Sugar/Olive Oil Exfoliating Lip Scrub

Chapped lips are the absolute worst.  No matter how much you try to prevent it, sometimes you can forget your lip gloss just one time, and suddenly you’ve got red, angry and painful lips.  (Man, those will help you get a boyfriend, huh?)

I can deal with the painful lips, but the red-rimmed scabs and white peeling lips is what bothers me the most.  Enter: lip scrub.

Mix equal parts sugar and olive oil and gentle massage into lips.  The sugar will do the exfoliating, helping to gently remove the flaky skin, while the olive oil helps with moisture.  Remove excess with a damp cloth, and enjoy your softer and moisturized lips.

Even if you’re lips aren’t chapped, add this into your everyday routine, and be amazed at how much better lipstick looks as well.

2.  Oil Baths for All-Over Moisture

Sometimes regular lotion just doesn’t seem to cut it for me when it comes to super dry skin.  And depending on what products you are using, taking a bath can make it worse.

Instead, drop a tablespoon or two of oil (I recommend Olive Oil, because it’s usually always in the kitchen) into the bathwater as the tub is filling up.  The water will look weird, as the oil will sort of sit on top as droplets, but when you’re in the water and moving around, the oil will start to mix up in the water, and coat your body.  You’ll be shocked when you get out and your skin is super soft.

Bonus: If you’re feeling super adventures, make your own salt or sugar oil scrub a la suggestion #1, and scrub-a-dub-dub in the bath. Keep it simple, or check my Pinterest  for recipes for fun scented sugar/salt scrubs. Exfoliating and moisturizing!  Just don’t forget to wipe down your bathtub after.

3.  Coconut Oil for Skin for Dry Patches

Coconut oil has been one of those “super food” products for awhile now.  Most grocery stores carry it (though I would suggest purchasing it from the health food section, as it can be made with processed ickiness and additives just like anything else).  One jar can last months, and it has 100s of uses: in your cooking, as a moisturizer, etc. etc.  This week, I even saw someone on Facebook recommend coconut oil for helping to reduce the appearance of scars– but I think the jury is still out on that one.

What I like about coconut oil as a moisturizer as opposed to other oils is that coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so it’s much easier to control than regular oils and the drying time isn’t as long. Scoop out a chunk of coconut oil and massage into your problem spots: elbows, knees, hands, feet, etc. etc.  It is not as sticky, but really sinks in deep for a lasting affect if you are having major problems.

I would be wary about trying it on your face for the first time though. Use test patches, as I know from personal experience that coconut oil is wayyyyy too heavy for my face, and made me break out like crazy (hence, my love for the Origins Drink Up mask!) Some people swear by it, but use caution if you’ve never tried it before.

4. Avocado + Olive Oil for the Hair

Dry scalp and dandruff. ‘Nough said.  Mix rip avocado with a tablespoon of Olive Oil.  If you can, run it through a food processor or blender for a nice silky texture, or if you’re not too picky, then just mix well with a fork (it will be lumpy/clumpy though).  Comb through your hair and let sit for 20 minutes before you shower.  Shampoo and condition like normal, and be amazed.
Your hair will be softer and shinier.  You’re welcome!
Got any other recommendations for DIY beauty hacks? Let me know in the comments!

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ROOM TOUR + Urban Compass

Last week I was approached by Urban Compass, a New York City real estate platform that serves to match up prospective homeowners/renters with their perfect home.  As a group, they are all about finding both the perfect place and perfect neighborhood to fit your personality and style.  Their website not only features information on apartments in NYC, but a neighborhood tour option to take a virtual tour of the city before you visit.

At their request, today I’ve got a little room tour of my diggs at Chez Mom’s House.  In the spirit of promoting personality and taste through home decor, I thought I’d show how I’ve managed to take my mother’s guest room and turn it into my little home while I stay in Toledo.

Upon moving here, I put all my personal furniture into storage, or sold it while I was still at school.  This left me with the existing furniture and paint in Cathy’s spare room my room, with only my own accessories to try to personalize the space.

I’ve stuck with the gray/yellow/white/white-wash blue theme since moving into my first apartment in 2012.  I originally did a lot of DIY-ing to go with the duvet cover that I absolutely fell in love with (Target, duh), but most of those pieces were sold last year (or destroyed in the move.  RIP: my monogrammed canvas).  I still have my hand-painted chevron bulletin board though, which currently holds my high school graduation gift from my little cousin, her hand-drawn turtle canvas, and my bacon calendar.

The small bookshelf beneath my bulletin board is actually one of my favorite parts of my room, because it holds a lot of my favorite knick-nacks: my graduation cap, the “Wine: How Classy People Get Drunk” sign my best friend got me for Christmas last year, a few sentimental alcohol bottles (Can you tell I miss college?), some pictures, and other small things that all hold some meaning to me.

(Note: the “BACON MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER” book end holding up all of my nutrition and healthcare books.  I’m all about moderation.)

Another one of my favorite pieces that I will gladly keep borrowing from Mom while I am living here is this little antique dressing table.  Currently, it doubles as a desk/place-to-set-random-sh*t, as opposed to anything beauty-related.  I’ve added a few of my personal tastes here, like the gold pen holder (originally a candle holder, also Target), the jewelry tree, and “K” ring plate.  There is also the vase full of yarn balls, as I am a knitter– Shoutout to Mama on that idea.

And finally, the last interesting space I have in my room is my dresser, which holds the clothes I never wear, the TV that is used only for watching my Friends DVDs, and a few more sentimental things: my stoles from graduation, sorority paddles, a few pictures, some nametags from mannnnyyy years of sorority recruitment, and the giant “K” I got for Christmas in 2011, which used to be covered in a map pattern, but I had it sanded, painted and covered in rhinestones by the time Christmas dinner was served.

For having to consolidate an apartment’s worth of belongings into a small room, I’m happy with my little space.  Though I would very much love to not be so cluttered, this is the one room that truly feels mine in this borrowed home, and for that I am grateful.  I love the polished/eclectic/comfortable type of style, and I think this room kind of showcases that.

Or, at least it serves as a great in-between space until I move out of Toledo and into my own fabulous little city apartment.    But you’ll have to check my Pinterest boards to see how that will be decorated.

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Gift Wrapping 101

Wrapping holiday gifts can be a great joy, but also horribly meticulous.  Personally, wrapping to me just seems like more crafting, so I’m always down.  However, for those who are not that detailed oriented, gift wrapping can turn disastrous. See: Duct tape and plastic grocery bags.

Presents can serve as decoration for a tree, so think of wrapping as an extension of your decor.  And remember, nothing says “Hey [Insert family member name here], I’ve got my life soooo together and today definitely is not the third day in a row that I’ve worn these pants” like a beautifully wrapped gift at the holiday.

Impress your parents and friends with your skills and completely put together life with some beautifully wrapped gifts with this easy “How to Gift Wrap” guide!

How to Gift Wrap

Pick a color scheme.

Decide on a theme and stick to it.  Feel free to venture outside the typical red/green/gold/white/silver theme if you want.  Pick up a few different wrapping papers that all seem to go together.  If you want to get super polished, pick a detailed paper, and then a few more accent papers to compliment it.  Bonus points if your wrapping paper matches the theme of your christmas tree.

Add some accents.

Go beyond just wrapping it and slapping a bow on it.  Visit the Christmas section of your local Walmart and pick up some cheap tree ornaments, tiny stockings, fake greenery or other Christmas goodies to add some flare.  Mix the bows with those ornaments, and different colors and textures to make it look impressive. The depth of the accents against the paper will make a huge difference.

Bonus: Keep the more detailed wrapping paper simple with only a few simple accents, but dress up a more simple paper with loads of goodies.  Don’t overload the eyes.  Less is more (unless we’re talking about cookie dough or Chipotle).

If you’re wrapping for under your own tree, or a group of presents all going to the same place, think of them all as a group when you fix them up.  Not every single present needs to be a show-stopper.  Wrap them so they compliment each other, and will be an added decoration.

How to Gift Wrap Like a Professional

How to Gift Wrap Like a Professional

Mix mediums.

If your wrapping paper is glossy, then choose a matte nametag, or ribbon (and vis versa). Glittery accents on something simple like brown paper can make things really pop.

Gift Wrapping Tips from the Professionals

Pinch the Corners

Pinch the corners and run your fingers along the along the edges of a wrapped package, making a crease on all the edges.  This will give the wrapping a more polished look.  I picked this trick up at the Estee Lauder counter a few years ago while shopping for mom.  According to the sales girl, it was taught to them during holiday gift wrapping training.  Who knew, right?

How ’bout ‘dem gifts, huh?

Suck it, family gatherings.  I may not have had time to shower, but damn do my presents sure look good.

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