2 Ways I Am Making Extra Cash With My Phone

Alright, I’ll be frank: I’m hurting for money right now.

Who knew moving to an expensive city and working a job that pays practically nothing would leave you in a financial bind?  Why did nobody warn me of this?
So naturally, I did what any 20-something who already has a second part-time job would do: consulted the internet.
My search led me to a bunch of a different phone apps geared towards making money.  A few stood out in my mind, and I immediately downloaded them. It’s been about a month, and I’ve developed a likeness for 2 that I think are super easy, and have a good pay-off.
2 Ways I Am Making Extra Cash With My Phone

Receipt Pal

The basic premise of this app is to take pictures of your receipts and earn points. Accumulate a high number of points to redeem for gift cards.  Each receipt is worth 25 points, the max you can earn per week is 500 points.  The information from your receipts is goes to the NPD Group that provides market information for companies to assist in their business practices.
It’s super easy to just snap a quick picture of your receipts and go on your way.  Free money for doing something so simple? I’m down.


I have a love-hate relationship with SwagBucks, but I know of friends who have had a lot of great experiences.  Basically you complete tasks for points, then redeem the points for stuff.  You can watch videos, take surveys, shop using their specific links, etc, etc.  I prefer to take surveys when I’m bored, such as on Public Transit, or at night when I’m watching TV.  It’s an easy way to kill time, and earn some perks for your time.
I’m hoping that by the end of the month, I’ll have accumulated enough points to redeem for a few $50 gift cards. I’ve got my eye on some special stuff– like paper towels and dish soap!
Have any money saving apps, or websites? Let me know! I’d love to test them out.

xo, kelsey (2)